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Do you know that 70% of illnesses can be prevented?

That is why it is important that you get the right health screenings at the right time. Screening tests can detect problems early, at a stage when treatment may cure or control the disease.

Every day, the lifestyle choices you make play an important role in the quality of your life. Your daily routine should include practicing healthy habits, learning about your body and being able to recognize your body's warning signs.

Print out a Health Checks brochure with important information for men, women and kids.

Health Checks for Men

Age 18

  • Blood pressure every 2 years

Age 40

  • Digital rectal exam yearly

Age 50 and over

  • Stool blood test yearly
  • Sigmoidoscopy every 3-5 years
  • Prostate-specific antigen yearly (age 40 for African-American men)

Ask your doctor about checks for:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Skin cancer

These guidelines apply for individuals without symptoms.

Health Checks for Women

Age 18:

  • Blood pressure every 2 years
  • Clinical breast exam yearly
  • Pap test and pelvic exam every 1-3 years
  • Breast self-exam monthly

Age 35-39:

  • Baseline mammogram

Age 40:

  • Mammogram every 1-2 years
  • Digital rectal exam yearly

Age 50 and over:

  • Stool blood test yearly
  • Sigmoidoscopy every 3-5 years

Ask your doctor about checks for:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Skin cancer

These guidelines apply for individuals without symptoms.

Where Do I Get Screenings?

Most Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) cover screenings. Medicare covers screening tests. The Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program offers a free screening program for women age 40 and older who are underinsured or uninsured. Call (877) 252-3324 to find out more.

The Medical Society of Mobile County can also provide additional information about health screenings. Call (251) 343-3000 to find out more.

More About Medical Exams & Tests

Diabetes Test - A blood sample is taken from a finger prick to check blood sugar.

Blood Pressure Test - Measures blood pressure during and between heartbeats. High blood pressure may not have any symptoms, but it can lead to either a heart attack, stroke or death.

Cholesterol Blood Test - Checks the level of fat in your blood. High cholesterol is linked to heart disease.

Mammogram - An X-ray to check for breast tumors or other problems. In addition to mammograms, women should perform breast self-exams monthly. There is a 97% survival rate if breast cancer is diagnosed early.

Pap Test - This test can detect early signs of uterine or cervical cancer.

Digital Rectal Exam - Checks for early signs of rectal abnormalities, and for men, can detect prostate or colon cancer.

Stool Blood Test - Checks for early signs of colon and rectal disease or cancer.

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) - All men should have a blood test of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) at age 50 (age 40 for African-American men).

Sigmoidoscopy - Checks for early signs of colon and rectal abnormalities and cancer.

Skin Cancer Exam - Check your skin regularly for any suspicious changes. Seek medical advice if you suspect a problem area. Best advice... avoid exposure to the sun!

Health Checks is a project of Mobile United Health Services Task Force.

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